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Pearl Jam Fan Portraits @ Wrigley Field – One Year Later

It’s been a little over a year since Pearl Jam’s amazing two night run at Wrigley Field in Chicago. With the upcoming release of Let’s Play Two and looking back at the Wrigley shows, I want to take this opportunity to highlight one family’s experience and their Pearl Jam Fan Portrait.  (See all the Fan Portraits from Wrigley!)

The Wrigley show was very meaningful for us. Noah Keeley (Pearl Jam’s unofficial 7th member – the fan who was invited up on stage to play “Sad” with the band at the Quebec City show, May 5th, 2016) kindly invited our sons Tyler and Sammy to partner with him and his awesome family to raffle off 2 tickets to the Wrigley Night 1 concert, including travel expenses and a tambourine autographed by EV in the fan-run fundraising campaign. Joe, pictured below in the green shirt with Noah, Tyler, and Sammy, was the contest winner.

The EB Research Partnership received over $35,000 in donations from the contest. This campaign was inspired by these three young fans from Pearl Jam’s next generation who love the music, and they themselves are inspired by the philanthropic work that Pearl Jam does. (Read the fully story that motivated the campaign and please consider donating if you are able!!! – In summary, it was all about our next generation of fans giving back to a cause the band supports.

We picked “Strangest Tribe” as our theme for our Fan Portrait. It speaks for itself! Alison is holding a tambourine that lists how many shows each of us have attended including this Wrigley show (125 in total between us – and counting!). Like many others in the PJ community, we have traveled the world and plan our vacations and weekend trips each year around their tour schedule!! We are inspired by this great band and all of their amazing work.

-Pearl Jam Fans: Damian, Alison, Tyler, Sammy, Maya & Julia



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