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Breath – NYC 2016

Just a dad and his son. 

I first took my son to see PJ in 2010 at the XL center in Hartford when he was 15. He was blown away by how powerful the music was and the energy inside the building even without an elaborate stage setup and pyrotechnics, etc. We’ve since been to a few shows, took road trips together and such but this year was different. He’s now 21, and this year I was able to take him to our usual sanctuary for escape, the Garden (Madison Square Garden, New York City).

Maybe my son likes sharing the experience of me seeing my favorite band, maybe he likes the raw energy of the band and the crowd, or maybe he just likes getting out of the house. I chose these lyrics because I had hoped to have given him and all my kids a better, more “functional” and stable home life.  I wish I had all the answers for him, but I don’t. I just hope he finds happiness in his life. It is not always the most joyous place on earth.

I wish I knew where it was, I would take them there.

The best part of the show was during the song, when they played Breath that night. I told him the line I wrote for the Fan Portrait photo is coming up. He said, “I know.”

-Brian Goulet, Pearl Jam Fan



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