Pearl Jam Fan Portraits » For the fans, by the fans: A black & white portrait collection of dedicated Pearl Jam fans with meaningful lyrics.

4.26.16 Lexington, KY

Thanks for your patience everyone – here are the Lexington Fan Portraits!

I was really sick the day of the Lexington show. I came down with a bad cold halfway through the tour but I knew there was no way I could miss the Lexington show, and I’m so glad I made it just so I could do Fan Portraits. I met many special individuals that day who took the time to share their stories with me and my heart was so full. Thank you for doing a Fan Portrait and sharing with me the meaning behind your connection to the lyrics and music.

A big shout out to Chris Walker and Stephanie Wallace for stepping up and volunteering their time last minute that day to help me. I couldn’t have done it without you…from bringing me water so I didn’t pass out and to helping me with the release forms and managing the line. THANK YOU!

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