Pearl Jam Fan Portraits » For the fans, by the fans: A black & white portrait collection of dedicated Pearl Jam fans with meaningful lyrics.

Pearl Jam fans talk about why we love being a part of the Pearl Jam Fan Portraits project and what it means to us and the Pearl Jam community.

Pearl Jam Fan Portraits is a collection of black and white photographs that capture the passion of Pearl Jam fans and our unique connections to the music through the lyrics that mean the most to us. A fan-run project, Pearl Jam Fan Portraits provides an outlet for fans to show who we are and how we feel. More than a quick snapshot to document a fleeting moment, a Fan Portrait is an opportunity for reflection, an opportunity for us to commemorate our fandom and the role these songs and lyrics have played in our lives.  Learn more about Pearl Jam Fan Portraits.

This is a fan-run project. No official affiliation or association with the band Pearl Jam. This project is for the purpose of documenting and capturing the Pearl Jam fan base. Copyright is only for the photos and photography work.


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